Our stakeholders are key players in our corporate strategy. We believe that by maintaining a strong, bilateral, constant dialogue with them, we can work collaboratively and generate value for each one of them.

Communities and NGOs
Employees and Unions
Investors and Analysts
Small Miners

Communities and NGOs

We understand that frequent interaction with local communities and community opinions are an essential component of our social license to operate. Our community relations process starts with understanding the needs of the community and how those needs fit within the context of business requirements and the host country’s development plans. We interact with various community members, leaders, and the soliciting of NGOs through surveys, consultations, direct dialogue and other situationally appropriate assessment tools to better understand community needs and gaps in our community programs.


We have built strong relationships with government leaders based on mutual trust and respect. This has served to broaden our understanding of our operations, commitments, and challenges.

Our strategy has always accounted for governmental dialogues at all levels: national, regional, and local.

We strive to connect the government’s development plans with our social investment framework and we efficiently allocate resources to programs that can be leveraged by government.

Analysts and Investors

We interact regularly with analysts and investors and maintain a commitment to open and transparent communication with the investment community. We are available and accessible through a number of communications channels including digital, on line, and in person.

We offer transparency through our information channels, as well as our Sustainability Report.


Our suppliers are critical to the success of our business. We believe in a value generation purchase process in which we identify areas to improve efficiencies while maintaining the highest standards of governance and accountability.

We aim to generate the highest shared value in our supply chain, and we prioritize local procurement as a way to support the economic and social development of our communities.

In 2021, 70% of our suppliers were from Colombia, and 20% were specifically from Segovia and Remedios. Also 9% of the total procurement budget was used to procure goods from the Caldas region from 243 local vendors around Marmato.


Small-scale miners are at the core of our operation. The relationship with the formalized mines not only occurs with Small Mining Management, but also includes the OH&S, environment, legal and social investment areas. With them, we have been able to formalize mining units in the areas in which we operate, generating formal employment, taxes, royalties and best in class industry standards for operations. We are highly committed to transferring our operational capabilities and knowledge to these stakeholders in order to protect the environment, promote local development and generate local shared value.


We believe in transparent, direct and responsible communications. We establish relationships of trust with the local, regional and national media. We have and will continue to attend to the requirements of journalists and provide company information in a timely manner.

Employees and Unions

The health, safety, and fair remuneration of our employees is a top priority at Aris Mining. Our vision and commitment in this area is aligned with the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) framework.