Signing of Marmato Formalization Agreement

Aris Mining is conceived as an environmental and social company, based on mining. This is particularly relevant in the Colombian mining context.

Aris Mining believes that it is natural, from an industry perspective, to combine the traditional skills and local knowledge of the small-scale miners with the technology, infrastructure, and access to capital, of large-scale miners. This new mining model is key for the future of the mining industry and its integration into the social structure of our host countries.

Beyond formalization, we have envisioned a deeper partnership, where we share technical, environmental, operational, and legal knowledge to generate more value where our partners operate. We have structured with reputed universities, training programs in environmental, health and safety standards, accounting, tax and labor law, and compliance, to assist our small-miner partners to implement and manage their new opportunities and responsibilities.

These new mining models generate mutual value, and they advance the formalization of mining units, they reduce environment impacts, and they benefit local communities. We have proven this in Segovia, where we have formalized more than 3,000 miners, covered more than 12,000 with social security and enabled access to banking, among other benefits.

On April 20th, 2023, we signed our first partnership agreement at Marmato, following suit on our achievements in Segovia.