Tailings Management

Tailings management is of crucial importance to Aris Mining. We use innovative technology that incorporates filter press systems, recognized as a more sustainable method for storing tailings.

This technology preserves the physical stability of our tailings storage facilities and eliminates the environmental and social impacts derived from it. This technology reduces several risks associated with conventional tailings installations, to facilitate adequate management of environmental and social impacts. According to our 2021 materiality analysis, this issue is critical to our stakeholders and requires special attention.

In addition to our commitment to the recycling of waste at the closure of a tailings storage facility, we completed the construction of several recreation areas in 2021, including a park that features two cycle route tracks, playgrounds, a biosaludable park, a mini-golf court, microfootball field, a theatre with stands for 300 people, a reforestation area, a parking area, pedestrian access and a surveillance area. Worldwide it is a success story to have a tailings closure with recreational parks for the enjoyment of the community.

a theatre with stand park image