“In April, 2023, Aris Mining entered an agreement to form a new partnership with approximately 260 ASMs to deliver high-grade material from Level 16 of the Marmato Upper Mine. The agreement represents the first step in rolling out a Small-Scale Miners Program at Marmato, based on the highly successful model developed at the Segovia Operations, with support from the local, regional and national governments.

ASMs commenced operations on Level 16 in May 2023 and the processing plant commenced batch processing of the ASM-sourced mill feed in July 2023. A dedicated crusher is being installed at surface to process this higher-grade ore to assist in ramping up production from ASMs commencing in Q3 of 2023. The inclusion of this highly productive workforce is expected to enhance the overall performance of the Marmato Upper Mine, while expanding our commitment for building responsible and profitable partnerships with ASMs in Colombia.